Thanks for the Poem, Charlie, Said No One Ever

Denmark completes contentious fence along German border | News ...

It shouldn’t faze you

That the wild boar lives in Europe, Africa and parts of Asiu.

It roams both far and wide

And, harbors thoughts of homicide.

(I think it is irresponsible to let a pig

grow that big)

Whereas other animals use their musk

the wild boar gives you a poke with its tusk

And, don’t think you won’t mind it

because there’s seven hundred pounds of hog behind it.

This is why I prefer my pork

at the end of a fork.

26 thoughts on “Thanks for the Poem, Charlie, Said No One Ever

      1. Now that he’s an adult, he wins a lot less. I guess because he doesn’t have the free time. But, he definitely gets vegetarian options on Thanksgiving and Christmas because I’m not a monster…

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      1. It’s great and if you’re bored at all you can take part in my 42 word challenge this week. My partner said it was made for you. 🙂

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