Facts about Pantyhose that You can Slip into

Who still wears pantyhose, stockings and why | Fortune

Nylon stockings were created in 1939 by DuPont and introduced at the New York World’s Fair. Originally, it didn’t go over well because they were sold deep-fried on a stick with syrup.

Nylon Riots occurred in the 1940s when Japan stopped exporting silk because they’d found some obscure way to kill with it, I guess. Women lined up at stores that were woefully low on nylon supply and one thing led to another… If the same thing happened today, modern society would collapse and we go back to living in mud shacks while our cities burned. I blame Twitter…

When they couldn’t get stockings, some women would draw seams on the backs of their legs. This wasn’t inherently dangerous unless one of them was unconscious after an accident and the doctor said, โ€œWhile I’m preparing a cast for that leg, get those stockings off, stat!โ€

Pantyhose were introduced in 1959 which relieved women from the drudgery of putting on both hosiery and underwear. Makes me wonder why my invention of hatshirts failed so utterly.

Pantyhose protect against jellyfish stings, if you can find a way to get the jellyfish to wear the pantyhose.

The mini-skirt made pantyhose popular because the dress was too short to hide garters or anything else, for that matter.

Old pantyhose can be used to make a scrubber for certain pots or pans. The only caveat is that you take them off, first.

Clear nail polish can fix pantyhose runs… or, if you buy a gallon jar of clear nail polish, you can make your own pantyhose.

The first famous woman to wear hose was Queen Elizabeth I. She wasn’t so much a transvestite as she was a woman who fought crime at night.

Among the most expensive panty hose are Wolford’s Roses Tights at around three hundred and fifty dollars. They can be pretty sexy especially if your fetish is someone who wastes three-hundred and forty dollars on stockings.

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  1. I hate tights. Hot, uncomfortable and they make you itch. Though they are good to put over your hesd if you need Maccas and you don’t have change ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ

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