Stuff We Learned from the Debate

Trump, Biden spar over climate change at debate | TheHill

Thanks to president Trump, insulin is cheaper than water… now that water is a thousand dollars a liter.

We learned that his being an obnoxious jackass doesn’t end at seven o’clock at night.

We learned that he doesn’t SUPPORT Nazis; but, he does tell them what to do.

We learned that Biden’s son had a drug problem and that Biden had too much class to bring up the drug problem of Trump’s brother.

We learned that Trump thinks a debate is more of a hog-calling contest than an exchange of facts.

We probably got an inkling as to why Melania sleeps in a different state than her husband.

We learned that, somehow, prescriptions are eighty percent cheaper than they used to be due to all that gas light Trump’s been using.

We learned that we need to expect a fight to keep our democracy intact.

We learned that Trump’s sheep will rationalize literally ANYTHING the man says.

We learned that even Chris Wallace has a limit on how long he’ll put up with a jackass before admonishing him… and that limit is an hour and fifteen minutes.

We learned that Donald Trump’s favorite song is his own horrible voice.

We learned that Donald Trump DOES have a plan for the next four years and that plan is to let the statute of limitations run out.

If you use the word “smart”, Donald Trump will eat you.

17 thoughts on “Stuff We Learned from the Debate

  1. One thing I learned, the election process picked these two great men. There is no one better. No one. Not in the “other party”, or not even Bloomberg. Who changed the electoral systems and why can’t we make jokes and gabs about that.

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  2. I just really can’t understand the people who see the same things I do with this man and still support him. I really don’t get it. I mean, I can usually get a good read on a person when I meet them from their subtleties. There is nothing subtle about Trump. What scares me is the whole mail-in ballots. Something is going to go wrong with those and somehow Trump will still claim the presidency and he will claim that he knew Americans liked him all along.

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    1. Robyn, the sadism is the point. That is the appeal of Fascist-like authoritarians. When things get so bad economically for the majority of people for the enrichment of the few, some people feel they will be better served identifying with the sadist. Of course, it always backfires. They get abused as well in very short order.

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  3. I learned that people. including those smart people in the media, are far stupider than I had ever possibly imagined. Set up the debate rules. Turn the mikes on. The off. Then on again. Trump’s hogging the camera for more exposure and air time “should” have been anticipated…as it was predictable…yet it was allowed to happen. Trump made a mockery of everyone and everything. We are nearing the collapse…the Omega point.

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