What I Can do with a Thousand Followers

Ben-Hur - Variety

[Yes, I finally have over a thousand followers. If I seem emotional, it’s because seeing three or more zeros in a row makes me cry]

We can lay siege to any town of no more than ten thousand people.

I can use them as the cast and extras for a Ben Hur remake. George F., I hope your insurance is paid up, ’cause you’re playing the title role. Rivergirl will supply the groundhogs…

Not only could all one thousand and one of us be a “flash mob” but, I’m sure that one of you will be able to explain to me what a flash mob is…

I can start advertising on my site and, by my estimates, earn thirty-five cents a month.

We can all travel to Christchurch, New Zealand and go to Joanne’s house for PIZZA!

All thousand and one of us can jump up and down at the same time and move the Earth a little further out to reverse global warming.

All thousand and one of us can jump up and down at the same time and move the Earth a little closer to the Sun so, if we feel like it, we can chuck rocks at Venus.

We can Crowdfund an exorcism for Deb’s cat…

We can all go to a McDonalds and share a small order of fries.

Knowing I have a thousand people following me validates my paranoia…

Maybe one of those thousand people can explain to me why I only get sixty hits a day…

You can all become my unholy army of the night… or, if it is after six a. m., the day.

I was worried that, when I got to a thousand followers, it would just roll over to zero like an odometer on an old car…

I really do appreciate you folks reading my stuff. I’ve interacted with a lot of interesting people here. And, by “interesting” I mean bat-crap crazy…

30 thoughts on “What I Can do with a Thousand Followers

  1. Ha, I like the paranoia one! And don’t knock the 35 cents. That’s adds up to over 4 dollars in a year. I still get tickled at this teaching product I made and placed on an online platform for sale. Five years later, and I’m still getting emails saying I’ve sold a product for a dollar, twenty-five (like, once a month).

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      1. My dad was a boxer. After meeting some of the veteran boxers at the gym, my mom made him quit. But, when I told another kid that my dad could beat up their dad, I was probably right…


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