Deb’s 42 Word Challenge: Historical Fiction

That’s right!  Historical fiction is Deb’s current challenge.  So, I’ve written from a fictional tale of America’s foremost doctor.

Green Eggs And Ham Breakfast | Just A Pinch Recipes

This ham is spoiled and these eggs are rotten”, he exclaimed.

His wife replied, “Maybe you’d eat them with your precious goat or on that boat you love so much!”

Dr. Suess replied, “Quick, a typewriter! You’ve given me an idea”

11 thoughts on “Deb’s 42 Word Challenge: Historical Fiction

  1. So, if it weren’t for the Mrs., “Dr.” Seuss would have just been some traveling salesman by the name “Mr. Seuss.” I guess he would still be Mr. Seuss too if he loved a raccoon instead of a goat.

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