How to Explain Donald Trump’s Tiny Desk

Trump jokes about 'glamorous' tiny desk - CNN Video

Recently, President Trump confused America by giving a speech from behind a tiny little desk. Still, no one knows why… but I have a few theories…

The desk ISN’T small. Trump is growing at an exponential rate due to consumption of a radioactive bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He will spend the remainder of his days keeping vigil over Godzilla…

The speech came on short notice so Trump had to borrow a desk from his Secretary of Commerce who also happens to be a Hobbit…

There was only one seat at the adults’ table for Thanksgiving, this year, and Melania called it.

It’s just step one in a process where Donald Trump and his desk are shrunk down to the size of a human red blood cell so that he can search for election fraud from the safety of Ivanka’s aorta.

That is no desk: It is “Richie” the headless wooden White House dog sleeping contentedly on his master’s lap.

Putin told him to do it because he thought it would be “a hoot”…

Trump had planned on giving the speech from the chair when the tiny desk wandered onto the set and refused to leave.

This was just a trick to confuse our enemies into thinking we have a desk shortage.

Somewhere in the White House, there was a three year old with a big-ass mahogany desk in front of him.

It’s not the desk; it’s the PICTURES that got small”

It was meant to be a normal-sized desk but it had a vitamin B deficiency.

16 thoughts on “How to Explain Donald Trump’s Tiny Desk

  1. I bet it was because with a smaller desk he could fit more people – give the image that a lot of people actually like him. Although, I also think there is a three-year-old somewhere in the White House with a big ass table.

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