My Thanksgiving Dinner, a Post Mortum

The 50 Best Spots For Thanksgiving Dinner In America – Big 7 Travel

[I am so… so… sorry]

After you lose your zeal for living

offer to cook for Thanksgiving

Start by cooking vegetables that, as such,

no one is ever going to touch.

There’s delicious stuffing

But, you keep having to find the two-year old so you get nuffing

Still, being with your family is fun

And, two hours into the meal, the turkey is finally done.

The aunt brings a store-bought pie to the feast

to prove the “least she could do” is literally the least…

When we are finished, the kids are too stuffed to use their phones

and we lay there and communicate through a series of groans

The family leaves me with warmth and good wishes

And, two days of washing dishes…

11 thoughts on “My Thanksgiving Dinner, a Post Mortum

  1. “to prove the “least she could do” is literally the least…” That really cracked me up. So, D got wanted to try pumpkin pie, so I bought him a mini mini one to try and he loved it. So, I made him one – and although it tasted good, he said, “It doesn’t look right.” So, I had to buy him one from the store for the big day. I wasn’t (too) offended. Really was easier!

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