More Things Guaranteed to Turn Out Badly

No Soliciting Sign Laws & Custom Signs For The Home |

Goose liver jerky.

Any “how to be your own lawyer” book written from prison.

Air freshener with the clean pleasant scent of radon.

Selling “No Solicitor” signs door-to-door.

A cruise ship hosting a diamond-cutting contest.

A pickled herring/orange Kool-aid diet.

A movie where the hero, a KKK member, defeats the evil forces of UNICEF.

A pet adoption service specializing in animals that might have hydrophobia called “Maybe Rabies”

Any school field trip to a demilitarized zone.

A casino whose theme is home, family and self-restraint…

12 thoughts on “More Things Guaranteed to Turn Out Badly

  1. I think a “No Solicitor’s” sign would be the one thing I would buy from someone selling stuff door to door. But, since I don’t ever answer the door because it is just random people trying to sell me something or their beliefs, I don’t answer it – and I guess I would miss my opportunity to buy that “No Solicitor’s” sign. Bummer!

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      1. Exactly! My neighbor has one that is all artsy-like shooing adults selling stuff away but welcoming kids. I want one, but I would never open the door to get one. I guess it is time to ask Amazon!

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