How Great Thou Art O’ Random Thart

Tour De France Indoor Cycling Bike Changes the Spin Game - Athlinks Blog

I took a survival course. They sent me a letter, telling me that I failed the class; but, I’m still alive so I must’ve gotten at least a ‘D’…

I developed a cheap covid test based on the fact that your sense of taste tends to lessen when you come down with the virus: I eat at Arby’s. If I don’t immediately regret it, I’ve probably come down with the virus.

After surveying bakeries all over the world, scientists have determined that no two thumbprint cookies are the same.

It’s the exception that proves the rule”… what the HELL does that even MEAN???

If I ever have to box in the heavyweight class, I think I’ll call “no hits to the head” before the match starts.

I want to buy one of those really nice stationary bikes because, the one thing I don’t own is a very expensive metaphor for how my life is going.

You know those spy movies where someone’s exact double takes his place; but, there’s something off about him where you know it isn’t the original person? That’s how I see Canadians and Americans.

You might say there are a lot of stoners in my family. Under my family crest is the Latin equivalent of “Puff, puff, pass”…

The old expression is true: You rip what you sew…

Why isn’t the synonym for “groundhog” “breakfast sausage”?

19 thoughts on “How Great Thou Art O’ Random Thart

      1. I know. I’ve known Kiwis and Aussies and that’s an apt description. A professor from New Zealand rented a house from us while he was guest teaching at Georgetown.

        I still have to say that Aussies are less predictable…

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      2. I once read an article that New Zealand and Canada should join together and become New Zanada. Our national symbol would be the Kiwoose, a giant kiwi (the bird that is) with moose antlers. I would so support this.

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  1. I have a stationary bike. It’s a great life metaphor. Lots of motion, no progress. But hey, it feels good…exactly like you’re doing something or accomplishing something. Sorta like blogging.

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