The Letter ‘B’: Science

Scientists Use Bismuth to Convert CO2 into Liquid Fuels

Bismuth: Until 2003, scientists considered bismuth the element with the highest atomic Pepto Bismol LiquiCaps (24 Count), Rapid Relief from Nausea, Heartburn,  Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea | Health & Personal Care | Needler's  Fresh Marketnumber to be stable; but, they’ve since determined that it is actually radioactive. Slightly… with a half-life of over ten trillion years; so, unless you plan to expose yourself to it until entropy reverses itself and most stars have flickered and gone out, you have nothing to worry about. Bismuth compounds are big in the medical field as active ingredients in Pepto-Bismal and other antidiarrheal medicines. So, Bismuth is the element for people who want to take the train but NEVER want to see the bathrooms.

Bernoulli’s Principle: This law of physics explains lift, i.e. what makes your plane go up in TUDM | SeaDemon Saysthe air and, more importantly, stay up there. It predicts the pressure differential around fluid flow. Sadly, this principle expires in 2025 if congress does nothing to extend it. So make your travel plans accordingly.

Bilirubin: Ever want to know WHY jaundiced folks are yellow without rudely demanding Jaundice and its Home Remedies | Home remedies, Remedies, Jaundicethat they tell you? Well, look no further than bilirubin, the substance formed when red blood cells break down. It is why your urine, bruises and bile are yellow, as if they needed a reason. It also makes feces brown, which, you have to admit, you have been wondering about.

Borderline Personality Disorder: Drama-queens and kings who inspire anger, panic and Karen: The speak-to-the-manager anti-vaxxer mom turned meme - Voxconfusion in every relationship they have until time with them is as enjoyable as bandage changing hour at the burn ward. They can’t help being what they are but that can be said for rabid dogs as well. The term “borderline” comes from our being unable to decide whether to strangle them and bury them under some leaves in the woods or just to strangle them and leave them where they lay as a warning to other borderlines.

Bot-Fly: The letter ‘B’ is pretty disgusting and unpleasant when it comes to science. horse bot fly - Gasterophilus intestinalis - BugGuide.NetFortunately, there are bot-flies. We all idolize good parenting. Well, the bot-fly spends a sizable portion of its day trying to find the perfect place to lay its eggs. And, that place is under the skin of either a mammal or something that will bite a mammal. The larva eat at the flesh of the host and, suddenly, you’ve got an internal pet.

Betelgeuse: Found in the constellation Orion, Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars we can Red Supergiant | freestarcharts.comsee with the unaided eye. Betelgeuse is a red giant. If it were placed where our Sun currently is, it would engulf Mercury, Venus, Earth and most of the good asteroids… so, don’t do it, even if it seems like a good idea at the time.

24 thoughts on “The Letter ‘B’: Science

  1. Ew. I read Naked Came the Florida Man and in the book one of the main characters felt it was his duty to provide justice to wrongdoers. Some – most – of his tactics made you puke a little in your mouth. When seeking justice from someone who swindled money from an honest older couple, he used the guys head as a nest for bot-fly larva. It was really gross!

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  2. And then there’s BALDNESS, which scientists say is caused bu the loss of hair,
    And BACILLI BELLICOSIS, which is found in abundance in my underwear.
    I thought I could stop hair loss by putting my underwear on my head,
    But such folly burned my follicles, leaving me a bald hothead instead.

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    1. I doubt I have anything of value to say, George. It all goes back to when I was looking for humor on line and ninety-eight percent of it was memes. I decided to try to create original humor…

      … and I’m still trying to this very day…

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