Crazy, But that’s How it Goes


They called me “crazy” when I bought up all that nitrous oxide… but who’s laughing, now?


A wise man once told me that there was a fine line between super-intelligent and crazy… at least, I think he was wise.


A straight-jacket is proof that crazy is the only mental state with its own line of clothing.


I’ve seen commercials with a screaming men whose first name was “Crazy” and his prices were INSANE; but, after checking them out, the only one that had prices that seemed insane was the guy who would only accept payment in antelopes.


The craziest thing I’ve ever heard was “trust in yourself”. Intrinsically, that doesn’t seem crazy, but it was being screamed at me by a naked seventy year old woman covered in moss.


Sometimes, a little crazy is refreshing, in friends and coworkers… not so much in pilots and cops, though.


If you have crazy thoughts your entire life but you never act on them, are you sane or just lazy?


My boss had a sign that said, “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps”; so, I stopped taking my medication. Turns out, he lied. If anything, it just made things worse.


If someone proposes something that has never been proposed, that doesn’t mean that they’re crazy; but, if he proposes it while dressed as a codfish, I’d hide the kitchen knives just in case.


It’s been proven impossible for a seamstress on Thorazine to create a crazy quilt…


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