Why I Threw Cinnamon in Your Eyes

Cinnamon benefits: Things to know - CNN

You startled me while I was making French toast.

Your eyeballs looked kind of bland.

From certain angles, you look like raisin bread.

I wanted to give you the greatest gift of all: The gift… of blindness.

I hear that, if you lose one sense, the others become stronger and I really wanted you to enjoy the sweet rolls I’d made.

As your best friend, it is my job to make sure your head tastes as good as it possibly can.

I thought that if I sprinkled it on you, you’d be able to fly. So, either you were holding out on me; or, Peter Pan was LYING.

I never knew you before you were born, so seeing you on the kitchen floor in a fetal position and crying indicated to me what that might’ve looked like. You were PRECIOUS!

I am unstable and a danger to society.

We need you to infiltrate a band of terrorists disguised as a stick of Dentyne…

6 thoughts on “Why I Threw Cinnamon in Your Eyes

  1. After a year of Covid lock down and 5 months of knee injury non activity… I resemble nothing more than a loaf of bread. But in my case it’s more a round sourdough, no cinnamon required.

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