Some Pointed Facts about Sea Urchins


[Thanks to Deb Whittam for the photo and the idea]

Sea urchins are sensitive to light, touch and chemicals… so think twice before taking one as a roommate…

There are over 900 species of sea urchin but the most delicious is Cool Ranch Flavored.

Sea urchins are of the class Echinoidea. Species under this class are classified as either “regular”, meaning completely symmetric or “irregular”, meaning someone has probably stepped on it.

Scientists labored for years under the delusion that urchins were actually porcupine seeds.

A sea urchin can move up to two feet a day. That’s pretty impressive for something that looks like a sado-masochistic racquetball.

Sea urchins have different holes for the anus and mouth so if you have to let one kiss you, it’s probably okay.

Sea urchins mostly eat algae, but they also consume creatures that cannot move on their own, such as barnacles, mussels or Yorkshire Terriers.

Like the average resident of Alabama, sea urchins have just five teeth.

A sea urchin can live to be two hundred years old and it will still look healthier than Keith Richards.

A Flower Urchin is the deadliest urchin of all. It’s venom can kill an adult human. Some Asians still harvest the creature and eat their gonads, which serves them right…

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