Republican Guide to Teaching Positive Aspects of Slavery

Roots' is still fresh and shocking 40 years later - Los Angeles Times

[For those not keeping track: Lately, state legislation has been passed recently to prohibit schools from teaching that slavery is bad]

Captured African B&D fetishists found being chained up to be demeaning but also erotic.

Slaves could not be arrested and convicted of tax fraud. So, they were treated like billionaires are treated, today.

Slavery was the cause of the Civil War, which, in turn, caused slavery to become illegal. In other words, slavery would’ve never been outlawed if it wasn’t for slavery…

If slavery hadn’t existed, Frederick Douglas’ autobiography would’ve been a real snooze.

A hundred and fifty years later, due to slavery, African Americans get an entire month to be celebrated AND their own television channel.

In a pretty direct way, the country of Liberia was born out of slavery, so that we may enjoy its culture and fine cinema.

On plantations, org charts were remarkably non-complicated.

Without slavery, Alex Haley would’ve had to write science fiction, bumping Arthur C. Clarke into unemployment; and, I hear Clarke could be bitter and vindictive on a GOOD day.

Without slavery, you wouldn’t have homework assignments that indicate which of your teachers are bigoted imbeciles… Like “name some positive aspects of slavery”

Southerners benefited from the free labor in their agrarian industries… well, the ones that weren’t slaves…

13 thoughts on “Republican Guide to Teaching Positive Aspects of Slavery

  1. What I don’t understand is if you are still pro south and feel the Confederates should have won the Civil War – does that mean you are still pro-slavery? I have a cousin that lives in the south and feels this way. I’m too chicken to ask him.

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    1. Actually, that one is quite old, George. I did it in response to a teacher who had the class write about positive aspects of slavery. After looking at it, I decided not to publish it. Then, Republicans in Florida and Texas came out with their new guidelines on teaching history (or not teaching it)…

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  2. Winston Churchill (and others) said that history is written by the winners — but in the case of slavery and the Civil War, history is constantly being re-written by the losers, who must think Trump loyalists are ignorant. Unfortunately, they’re right.

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