Other uses for a zucchini

Zucchini 101: Everything You Need To Know About Zucchini Squash

Zucchini make great cucumber impersonators. Just don’t let it get consumed by the role or it might end up in a pickle jar.


If you can get a zucchini to float, you can make one into a toy boat. How do you make a zucchini float? Just put a zucchini, root beer and a scoop of ice cream into a tall glass.


Zucchini is great for people who want their side dish to be last, alphabetically.


You can use a zucchini as a boomerang because… if it doesn’t come back, WHO CARES??? You got a bushel of the damned things.


Zucchini ice cream gives you a reason to use of the last of your zucchini; and, it gives your family a reason to have you put on Diazepam.


Use zucchini as a housekeeper. It might not clean as well as a person but it won’t steal your energy drinks either.


Put a zucchini on the ground under a box on a stick to trap vegetarians.


Try playing racquetball with a zucchini but remember that they usually prefer to play squash…


Zucchinis keep bears and cobras away… at least they have so far.


Carve a surprised face into a zucchini and bake it for forty minutes. Then, serve it to your children as roasted parrot…

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