The Random Thoughts from Beyond Time

What Is Minecraft: EXPLAINED

I keep a knife by my bed so, if I ever start contemplating taking up model trains as a hobby, I can stab myself to death.


I used to have really strict criteria for my girlfriends. Now, she just has to have at least one breast and be capable of making toast.


Dungeons and Dragons is a great game because you can stop whenever you want just by having your character commit suicide.


People say that I’ve got a swimmer’s body but I really only have his right hand and part of his wrist.


Always serve lamb with new potatoes. Because the blandness of the potatoes really helps get the horrible taste of lamb out of your mouth.


When I don’t know what gift to give someone, I give them dynamite; because we all need something to strap to our bodies when we go to school board meetings.


I was playing Civilization IV this morning but, I felt like I needed to get outside and get some exercise… so I switched to Minecraft.


Nothing brings me back to the days of my youth quite like a functioning time machine.


Since I’ve shaved off my beard, I feel like half a man. Oddly enough, the left half.

12 thoughts on “The Random Thoughts from Beyond Time

  1. My grandmother used to love lamb with mint jelly when she was alive. I silently called her a baby killer as I watched her enjoy her baby in horror. I like to think my meat had a nice life before I approve of its body sold out for my consumption.

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