Random Thoughts We All Have Sought

Monopoly Man - Go Puzzle for Sale by Stephen Younts

My car takes alcohol instead of gas. It runs great but it gets into a lot more fights than my old car…

They say that Monopoly is the game of capitalism and they are RIGHT. At the end of both there is one rich guy and several really pissed off losers.

We argued all night. I told her, “This is getting us nowhere. I’m tired of going in circles”. “Then, you shouldn’t have let me nail your foot to the floor”, she answered.

Why did I try to get my book published by Random House? No reason, I just picked them arbitrarily…

Of all ailments, the worst is hypochondria because it’s symptoms are EVERYTHING.

My friends complained that I was a know-it-all; so, I went to a psychotherapist and within thirty minutes, I was able to tell her exactly what was wrong with her.

I can’t wait for retirement. It has all the fun of no one wanting to hire me anymore, with the added perk of not being dead yet.

Everyone has the potential to settle for what they are.

Did you just talk or is this just really powerful weed?”, I asked the footstool…

Say what you like about covid, but having to wear a mask has been a positive boon to amateur ventriloquists everywhere.

If we all turned off the news for a week, the country would be in chaos because no one would know who to hate.

I baby-proofed my home but someone managed to sneak one in anyway…

13 thoughts on “Random Thoughts We All Have Sought

  1. Actually, I did have a book published by Random House, but since it was an anthology which included several of my poems, I can’t claim I picked them at Random (though I can affirm that they picked my poems at Random).

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