Signs that Your Dog has Fallen Out of Love with You

Funny Dog Disgust, Denial, Disagreement Face Don't Like That Grins Teeth Pet  White Background Wall Mural - Dogs - Animals

You have a break in and she leaves with the burglars…


Your dog draws a chalk line across the living room floor and says, “This side is yours and this side is mine. Just slide my dinner over at five o’clock”


The only trick she does is to bite you when you tell her to “sit”.


She gets into the trash only to maintain financial records for when she turns you in to the IRS.


When you take her for a walk, she runs out of sight when anyone comes near so as not to be seen with you.


To discourage belly rubs, she starts wearing a vest.


She chases the ball you’ve thrown but never comes back.


She starts leaving a little money for her food so she doesn’t feel obligated.


You move far away and, after a magnificent and eventful three-state journey, she finds an owner she likes better.


She volunteers to be a test subject for a distemper study.

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