Stuff You don’t Want to Blurt Out During Sex

Almost Half Of Brits Fake An Orgasm Because They're Self-Conscious Of Their  Sex Face - LADbible

Oh baby! Just like that… except use your left hand, go slower and clockwise, this time”

I feel… I FEEL… I FEEL… pregnant”

I’m going to make you feel things you’ve never—oops… sorry…”

Does that feel good? Do you like it? Can you fill out this questionnaire?”

I’m almost there… almost… ALMOST…. ALMOST… Is that the phone?”

Bleat like a sheep, baby!”

Oh Cardinal Richelieu! I’ve been a BAD Huguenot… punish me!”


Oh God yes! This is definitely better than nothing!”

I can feel you inside me! I’m not complaining, just making conversation while you finish filling out the questionnaire”

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