So, You’re Elevator is Plummeting…

How To ACTUALLY Survive A Free Falling Elevator - YouTube

All elevators are equipped with mechanical brakes that will stop the falling elevator just seconds after you soil your pants.

If your elevator is plummeting, try pressing all the buttons. Maybe it will find a floor it likes.

If others are in the elevator while it falls, try to calm them by shrieking something comforting.

You can save your life by jumping just before the elevator hits bottom if you are a cartoon character.

If the elevator mishap is a murder and you know who did it, write the name of the murderer on the carpet as you fall, with your blood, spit or urine. If the name is too long to finish, just make a quick no-frills sketch of the murderer.

If your elevator is falling, quickly tear off the front of the control panel and find the two wires that, when spliced together, temporarily stop gravity from happening.

Scan the other passengers in the elevator to quickly see if one of them is Superman.

In your last two seconds, grab that red phone and tell whoever answers what you think of their elevator maintenance.

You’ll be weightless for a couple of seconds as you plummet… making that the perfect time to get a new driver’s license photo.

As you fall to an almost certain death it is helpful to remember that walking down that many stairs would’ve probably killed you, anyway…

26 thoughts on “So, You’re Elevator is Plummeting…

      1. He came in Season 2… It’s a difficult show for me to watch because all the characters are just awful people… but, my son wants me to experience it.


  1. I have an elevator in my house, however I don’t worry about plummeting — my house is a one-story ranch (but I do worry about the ranch taking matters into its own hands while I’m dressing).

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