Don’t Be a Drip: Water Conservation Tips

How About A Nice Hawaiian Punch? – PRINT Magazine

Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and save up to 4 gallons a minute. You can save even more water than that if you don’t brush your teeth at all and just rinse your mouth with Hawaiian Punch.

Reuse your towels to save water. How do you know when it is time to wash them? When you can’t easily determine the towel’s original color.

You can save water by washing fruits and vegetables in a pot or pan unless you wash the pot or pan.

Replace your baths with five minute showers; or, to save even more water, just anoint yourself with Hawaiian Punch.

Re-use the water in which you cooked pasta to water your plants. If you have no plants, use it to water your meatballs.

Avoid throwing away a water bottle with water still in it. Use that water in your toilet tank or for your meatballs.

Don’t let your kids play with water-hoses, squirt guns or any other toy that might make their childhood memories a little less dreary and awful.

Only wash full loads of laundry. If you only have a few dirty items, add enough clean clothes to make a full load.

Eat fewer water-intensive foods. Instead of almonds or beef, try jerky or a heavily over-watered meatball.

Instead of your own pool, join a community pool; because, why deprive others of your urine?

13 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Drip: Water Conservation Tips

  1. Love your “add enough clean clothes to make a full load” tip….or, in the alternative, you could add yourself in lieu of taking a shower or bath. . However, I wouldn’t put myself in the drier afterwards — you might get more wrinkled than you already are. Just drip-dry.

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