Fun Facts!

REM’s pop song Shiny Happy People was written by Michael Stipe after his high phosphorous diet caused him to glow in the dark.


Did you know that rattlesnakes and Swedes do NOT get along well?


When reading a name in Russian literature, most English-speakers do NOT pronounce the names in their heads. They just replace the name with the phrase, “Name that starts with an ‘R’ and has a ‘v’ somewhere in it”


If you committed every crime in the world, alphabetically, it would take you more than six years. And, your last offense would be “zebra molestation”, which is a misdemeanor in Kenya.


Frank Lloyd Wright is both the most famous and worst architect of all time.


More than half of Americans have to have even the simplest little thing explained to them. That means, they aren’t very smart…Zero-Mostel

Lima beans are a poor, even inadequate substitute for penicillin…


Did you know that, if you took all the non-recycled aluminum waste in the entire world and threw it into the Grand Canyon, someone would eventually file charges against you?


If you are a middle-aged man making snow angels, you are burning around three hundred calories, toning your neck and shoulders and looking just ridiculous…


Does a henchman outrank a lackey? Do they both outrank a minion? No one knows. And, THAT is what is wrong with the world today.


Did you know that Jello can be used to make repairs to the hull of a battleship? I mean, I guess it can… Can you prove it can’t?

2 thoughts on “Fun Facts!

  1. I understand the henchman, lackey, minion issue all too well. In my evil organisation we’ve introduced a comprehensive pay scale to ensure that everyone knows their place, as quite a few of my henchmen were complaining about a lack of respect from the lackeys. It still happens but now the henchmen know that they have slightly better working conditions so they’re OK with it. Unfortunately the current economic climate has meant we’ve had to let quite a lot of the minions go.

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