Fun Facts About Hugh Jackman

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Someone needs a hug…

Hugh Jackman won an Emmy award for hosting the Tony Awards which is like a merit badge for getting the most merit badges.

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After getting a journalism degree at Sydney’s University of Technology, he pursued a drama career and caught it just before it could climb a fence and get away.

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He adopted a son in May 2000 because he felt the need to raise a child and because the boy had retractable bone claws.

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In China, Jackman is called “Wolf Uncle” because his name doesn’t easily translate to Chinese; to be fair, his name looks a little weird in English, too…

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Hugh Jackman is a foot taller than the comic book Wolverine. The producers were able to get around this through different camera angles, added effects and by not really giving a crap how tall anyone thought he should be…

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While filming Van Helsing, Jackman broke an extra’s hand and very nearly his own acting career.

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He also adopted a girl in 2005 in an effort to atone to the world for starring in Van Helsing. It wasn’t enough.  Nothing will ever be enough…

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In March 2015, Hugh Jackman hemorrhaged a vocal chord during a performance in Turkey. Fortunately, it wasn’t his vocal chord that he hemorrhaged…

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Jackman is an adviser to the Global Poverty Project, an organization dedicated to bringing poverty to people who have never experienced it before.

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For the scenes in Les Miserables when Jackman plays a prisoner, he went without water for thirty-six hours. This caused trouble with the movie’s sound because his eyes made a squeaky noise whenever he looked from side to side…

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16 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Hugh Jackman

  1. “he pursued a drama career and caught it just before it could climb a fence and get away.” And the squeaky eyes really made me smile. I liked Van Helsing too. And the ski jump movie (although I forget the name)

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