All I See are Candidates: A Poem

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I can’t vote for Joe Biden

because he doesn’t seem like someone I could confide in.


I can’t vote for Kamala Harris

because her old opinions on criminal justice might embarrass.


I won’t vote for Beta O’Rourke

because he looks as if he eats his pizza with a fork.


I won’t vote for Elizabeth Warren

because she’s been told she’s an Indian since the day she was boren.


As for Andrew Yang,

I don’t give a dang.


I’m definitely NOT with the Bernie Bros

’cause I saw one once and didn’t like his nose.


I’m not voting for Cory Booker

because his head looks like an egg-shaped smoker/cooker.


The Democrat field is a toxic waste dump

But, I’d vote for them all before I’d ever vote Trump…

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14 thoughts on “All I See are Candidates: A Poem

  1. Oh, I know – I have that sick feeling Trump is going to win again because the democrats can’t put a legit candidate out there. But yeah – I’d vote for whoever they put up to avoid Trump again. And I like what you did with “boren” there – clever!

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  2. I’d be a liar
    If I said I’d vote for Tom Steyer
    And I won’t vote for John Hickenlooper
    Because he’s a party pooper.
    Although he’s from my home state
    I’ll give Tim Ryan the gate.
    There’s just one Dem I cannot refuse —
    He’s got the spirit, so let’s hear it for MISTERMUSE!

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