Auto Travel Tips

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When traveling long distances make frequent stops and take frequent rests. The stops can be at a restaurant or a rest stop. If there isn’t a lot of traffic, one can take a quick nap behind the wheel between exits. Remember, if you dream about having an accident while sleeping behind the wheel, it might simply be that your eyes are open.

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Children can be distracting on long trips. Best to give them something to take their minds off of their inactivity… like how to get their little hands untied and pull the gags from their mouths.

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Despite the speed limit, you really need to travel at the same speed as the bulk of the traffic around you. The letter of the law is not as important as the threat of other drivers thinking you are a wimpy little girl-baby who needs to be wearing a diaper while she DRIVES HER LITTLE TRICYCLE…

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Speaking of which, you can make better time if you only stop for gas. Fortunately, the diaper worn by wimpy little girl-babies takes care of the need for frequent bathroom stops. I keep a special area in my car for the diapers and my little tricycle…

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A radio can help keep you awake during a long trip especially if you argue violently with your spouse about what channel to keep it on.

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If you are trying to stay awake driving for very extended periods it is best to consider the safety of your passengers… the real ones and the ones you are hallucinating.

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Remember: The faster you drive, the faster you can get to your destination and the faster you can turn around and get back home. Better: If you don’t drive at all, you are home even faster…

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Remember to SHARE THE ROAD. This means, you drive on it for a while and then one of the other motorists gets to.

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Coffee can keep you awake and alert; however, when given the choice between falling asleep at the wheel and having to interact with a barista, a lot of people take the less unpleasant choice.

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      1. We have a rule that whoever drives picks the radio station… and since we don’t have children the ropes and gags aren’t necessary. Although we could use them at the resorts. Hmmm…

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