A Poem

[Too depressed to write this week… but…]

Image result for pandemic

Shelter in place

but give each other space

and don’t tell your wife she has a face like a horse

or she’ll want a divorce

and she’ll journey

to her attorney

and you’ll be stuck in the house with her and rejected

and she’ll probably also be infected

34 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. Such a weird time that the whole world can relate to. I don’t think anyone would ever think we would shut the world down over a virus and everyone was fighting over toilet paper. Weird.

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  2. LOL! I’m almost too depressed to read anything, never mind write! But…I’m gonna make myself update the story by Sunday at the latest. Problem is, the actual ENNUI virus is unfolding in real time. We’re shutting down capitalism as I sit here. Damn that Paul. Shoulda stuck to “drink rum and coke.”

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      1. 1. There were canned tomatoes in store today. 2. They have cured someone of HIV. 3. My experimental story is actually turning out quite well 😊 how bout you?

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      2. I tend to lose touch with reality when cooped up in my house.

        But, a friend of mine who works at the grocery store sent me a facebook message letting me know that they heavy cream was in and she was saving me a half gallon. When I walked down there, people were ungodly pleasant. I’m hoping this brings us together on a global scale…

        But, with our president… not likely…


    1. The superintelligent dog is working on an antidote, three miles below the Earth’s crust. Don’t worry about her. The lab has a fridge full of dog food and there’s a Soloflex…

      Thanks for your kind wishes…

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