Wealth of Notions

Gold Bars: Find Type and Size Best for You | U.S. Gold Bureau

If we ever go to an all-barter economy, gynecologists are going to have a rough time in retail establishments.

I used to make tiny gold bars out of scrap jewelry and kept them in a little bowl. In no time, I’d amassed a small fortune…

I broke a quarter into three pieces and sold two pieces. What I had left was a nice chunk of change.

The richest man I ever knew had no money in the bank and no fancy car… just a modest home, a loving wife and his children… his solid gold children.

I tried to get my money to work for me and I was able to get some light housekeeping out of a handful of quarters; but, they started stealing DVDs so I had to let them go.

My friend said, “I’m rich, and that makes me happy”

I responded, “Really? Can your money give you an afternoon playing catch with your late father?”

He said, “I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you’ll throw a baseball with me while pretending to be my dad”

I think we both learned something that day.

In a world where people are a commodity to be used as currency, I have to wonder, “How do they make change?”. Let’s say you have a meal at a restaurant and pay for it with an astronaut. Will they give you two stenographers and a wino in change? And, do you just leave the wino on the table as a tip?

He who knows when enough is enough will always have enough; and, he who knows when enough is not enough will always have a reason not to tip.

Money cannot buy good manners; but, it can buy friends that don’t mind that you have bad manners.

If someone is more successful than you, don’t envy them. Envy is one of the deadly sins. Burn down his house; because, I checked and arson isn’t even ON the list of sins…

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