Still More Fun Facts

Remembering Alton's beloved Robert Wadlow, tallest man ever, a century  after his birth | St. Louis Public Radio

Everyone knows we have an Attorney General; but, did you know we also have an Attorney Corporal? They handle smaller issues like noise complaints and parking tickets.

The greatest height ever recorded in a man was Robert Wadlow at eight feet eleven inches. The longest man ever recorded was Robert Wadlow when he was lying down.

Wombat feces is shaped like a cube, so when they play Craps, there’s a certain air of authenticity to it.

Pineapple works as a natural meat tenderizer. You just have to hit the meat as hard as you can with one.

Rabbits are incapable of vomiting… even after repeated viewings of The Jersey Shore

The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn because no real animals will agree to live there.

At one time, teachers in North Korea were compelled to learn the accordion. It was easy to carry, fairly easy to learn and having to listen to it was a viable substitute for corporal punishment.

Dogs can maintain a vocabulary of around a hundred and fifty words… although, the phrase “could you stop barking for five seconds?” is not one a dog will ever recognize.

A crocodile is incapable of sticking its tongue out… so you might as well stop waiting…

On average, the shortest nation is Indonesia where the mean height is five feet two inches. If you are looking down at a crowd of Indonesians, you feel like you are up a lot higher than you actually are.

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