Irritating Facts about Pepper

Gourmet Peppercorns - Taste OVS - Olive Oil, Vinegar, Spices & Pasta Sauce

Black pepper has a high caffeine content; but, that’s not the only reason you couldn’t sleep after your friends got you to eat the contents of a pepper shaker.

There are two differences between white peppercorns and black peppercorns: First, a white peppercorn doesn’t have a skin; second, black peppercorns are less likely to get their votes counted in the United States.

There are also red peppercorns… but they live mostly on reservations.

The United States consumes around eighteen percent of the world’s pepper; yet, it only accounts for seven percent of the world’s sneezes.

A peppercorn plant thrives on soil that is neither too wet nor too dry. Also, a peppercorn plant thrives in areas that have neither too much or too little sunlight. WEIRD, RIGHT?

Thousands of years ago, pepper was left in Pharaohs’ tombs on the off chance that the afterlife had scrambled eggs.

When Alaric, king of the Visigoths, ransomed Rome, one of his demands was three thousand pounds of pepper. Each peppercorn was to have a full tank of gas and a clear path to the nearest airport.

The rarest peppercorns are Kampot peppercorns from Cambodia. This is partly due to the great demand for them and partly due to the fact that the Khmer Rouge had executed most of them for making his tongue burn.

During the Middle Ages, pepper cost more than silver despite the fact that pepper is useless against werewolves.

A recent study determined that piperine, the active ingredient in peppercorns, actually inhibits the effects of the venom of the Russell’s Viper. So, if you are ever bitten by a Russell’s Viper, make your way to the nearest Denny’s and consume all the pepper you can find on the tables… then, BUY SOMETHING because they aren’t running a charity…

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