Reasons to Buy a Screaming Goat Toy

The Screaming Goat (2016-04-05) : Toys & Games

[Thanks to Rivergirl for the idea]

You lost your “Box o’ Farts” and your singing bass trophy just isn’t that funny anymore.

There are few things more relaxing than the sounds of agony coming from a barnyard animal.

You need a gift for someone who has everything and whose guts you also hate.

You have batteries that you need to drain power out of.

You need something that, in comparison, makes Diana Krall sound good.

The toy is recommended for ages seven and up. This will give six year olds an incentive to live another year.

It’s annoying but way less annoying than owning a real goat.

If you buy twenty-four of them, you can play Screaming Goat Checkers.

You’ll need something to give up for Lent.

It is anatomically correct but metaphysically absurd…

29 thoughts on “Reasons to Buy a Screaming Goat Toy

  1. On the last day of school, Declan’s teacher sent each kid home with a gift bag of goodies that included a whistle. I think the screaming goat would be an excellent teacher gift for such a thoughtful teacher.

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    1. Giving a whistle to a kid? That’s just MEAN…

      My father had an Abbott and Costello figurine that went through the entire “Who’s on First?” routine with the worst sound possible. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to get me to take it home. My father would pass it, stop and press the button and it was driving her loony…

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