Attractive Facts about Magnets

Why Magnets Attract Metals

[Thanks to Deb for the idea]

If you cut a magnet in half, you end up with two magnets; so, if you want to get rid of a magnet completely, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Some species of shark are repelled by magnets so any artwork created by their kids sits on the kitchen floor.

The Earth is a giant magnet. Magnetism deflects the solar wind whose high-energy particles would wipe out all life on Earth. And, what do magnets get in return? A whole lotta nothin’, that’s what!

Copper is not attracted to magnets… as if I needed ANOTHER reason to hate copper.

Free range cows will often be forced to swallow magnets to keep whatever metal they swallow in their stomachs. But, keep these cows away from your stereo speakers because they will really distort the sound quality.

Neutron stars have magnetic fields thousands of times more powerful than that of the Earth. So, if you try to use a compass while standing on a neutron star, it will probably quit its job right then and there.

Los Alamos has a magnet that is fifty times more powerful than a car-lifting junkyard magnet. This means it can pull in cows from more that a hundred miles away.

Early on, explorers used natural magnets, called “lodestones”, to navigate. But, since magnets point to Magnetic North and not true North, they never did find Santa Claus’ house.

You can make a permanent magnet from a Samarium/Cobalt compound; but, frankly, I can think of a lot better uses for my Samarium and Cobalt…

Superparamagnetism is used in the creation of MRIs through the magnetization of nano-particles. Superparamagnetism is more effective than plain paramagnetism except that it can be made terribly weak by exposure to Kryptonite.

19 thoughts on “Attractive Facts about Magnets

    1. My brother and I were hiking the mountains on a military reservation near El Paso. We came across mortar shells from time to time so we put a couple in a burlap bag with some rocks we found. We tried to set on off by throwing it into a cliff face but not luck. So we brought it home.

      If you want to get a Vietnam vet’s attention, bring home a mortar. My dad flipped out…


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