Why I make my desserts with shampoo

The best shampoo for thinning hair - Chicago Tribune

Making homemade desserts tells my children that I love them; making them with shampoo is telling them not to get too used to it.

Shampoo may taste funny, but it makes a pretty resilient meringue.

If you make a flan using baby shampoo, you’ll have a festive dish that won’t burn your children’s eyes.

Don’t cook with Big Bird shampoo because, to a casual observer, it looks as if you’re twisting the head off of a canary.

When I was a teenager, I’d have killed for a cupcake with shampoo frosting. But, I was pretty volatile back then and I’d have killed for a LOT of reasons.

People said I was crazy for making oatmeal raisin shampoo cookies; sadly, the court-appointed psychiatrist agreed, but, thanks to personality-killing medications, I’m back on the streets!

After dessert, if you gargle with conditioner, your teeth will turn silky and manageable…

Dandruff shampoo may not taste great but it tastes a LOT better than citron or dried cranberries.

If you make dessert out of shampoo, when you run out of soap you can just rub yourself all over with a muffin.

There’s something about a shampoo and apple pie that makes your family want to find you a cheap nursing home.

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