Facts about Shrimp, You Scampis

The Mantis Shrimp in Sekotong, South Lombok - Two Fish Divers

Shrimp Day is celebrated on May ninth by everyone but shrimp.

All shrimp start off as males but some will eventually change genders…except in waters bordering Republican states.

The average shrimp has ten legs. The above-average shrimp has ten legs and a photographic memory.

In many parts of the world, shrimp are eaten with their heads on. It’s kind of gross but at least you can see from their expressions whether their capture was a surprise or not.

A Pistol Shrimp can produce temperatures around 4800 degrees Celsius… so, if you are ever stranded on a desert island with a LOT of cigarettes and no matches, you can use one as a lighter.

Shrimp are a great source of niacin and folates, saving you a trip downtown to the Niacin and Folate Emporium.

Shrimp farms are a major contributor to global warming. So, when the world is no longer habitable, we can blame shrimp…

Thirty percent of shrimp on the market are misrepresented. Your gulf shrimp might actually come from an inlet or a fjord. When you order a shrimp in a restaurant, demand to see the shrimp’s driver’s license or birth certificate.

Of all sea creatures, shrimp have been determined to be the ones with the worst posture.

Shrimp are high in protein, low in calories, high in cholesterol and sometimes packaged with rat hairs. Nutritionists recommend that you eat shrimp but they do not recommend chewing them…

14 thoughts on “Facts about Shrimp, You Scampis

    1. I took my youngest out for a shrimp buffet, years ago. We were happily eating them and he finished off a plateful; then, I noticed there were no tails on the plate. Apparently, he survived… I’d imagine it would be like eating a soft-shell crab…

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      1. I mainly eat them when they’re deep fried–not in a chilled shrimp cocktail for example. Have to think more about the softshell crab comparison. I’ve only made that once, on our BBQ. You can probably tell that I take food quite seriously. 🙂

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