So, there’s a Mountain Lion at Your Front Door

Watch: Cougar wanders into residential neighborhood, naps on porch -

He might belong there… check to see if you are in the right house.

When a mountain lion is at your door, experts say to make your house seem as large as possible. So, if you see one at your front door, quickly add another story.

Remember, the mountain lion is just as afraid of you as you are of jelly beans.

Do NOT approach a mountain lion. They do not like confrontation with humans but one might make an exception in your case.

Do NOT flee a mountain lion. It might tell your friends and they will laugh at you.

If the mountain lion has a petition, just sign it and maybe he’ll go away.

If the mountain lion still won’t leave, give it any elk you might have in the house.

For full protection from mountain lions, keep a bear in your garage or carport.

If you are being menaced by a mountain lion and your dog DOESN’T step in between the two of you, at least you know where you stand. If you survive, it’s back to the pound with her.

Mint plants discourage mountain lions from coming into your yard because they live in constant fear of the mint julip…

10 thoughts on “So, there’s a Mountain Lion at Your Front Door

  1. I have a NO SOLICITORS notice on my front door, but thanks to you, I’m thinking maybe I should also put up a NO MOUNTAIN LIONS notice, even though I don’t live in the mountains. One can’t be too careful, my father always said (just before he was eaten by a mountain lion).

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