Lessons Learned from Total Recall

Given a breathable atmosphere, two people standing outside on Mars won’t care that it is a hundred degrees below zero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nose is ungodly elastic.

In the not too distant future, we will simultaneously have robots driving taxi cabs and people still doing the mining and working jack-hammers.

Does it really only take a few seconds to program an implant to turn a woman from a rebel terrorist into some man’s wife? How often could that even come up?

Rats LOVE protein bars.

Even in the future, there will be a market for three-breasted hookers.

A future where subway security will look at our bones twice a day is a bleak future indeed.

If your body has been exploding from the inside for forty-five seconds due to being in a vacuum, you can just walk it off.

In the future, the richest business man on the planet Mars eats corn flakes for breakfast…

If you think you are dreaming but the guy you are talking to is sweating a little, IT IS NO DREAM. THEREFORE, shoot him in the head…

In the future, gigantic muscular men will be smuggled inside middle-aged ladies…

Remakes suck!

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