You Cannot Spell “Poetry” Without “Try”

[I am a humorist… but this is my day off.  I hope you enjoy them.]

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Narcissus, when spying his own reflection

Thought, “THIS deserves further inspection”

But, so much love for himself

Was bad for his helf…




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How Castor and Pollux Came to Be

As a swan, the Greek god Zeus

Gave Leda a goose

But Tyndareus was faster

So he fathered Castor

And, both guys are why

We have Gemini



Image result for medea dragon

Medea, in a Nutshell

Jason fooled around on his wife

So she took each child’s life

He angrily yelled, “Come back here, Medea!”

And, she replied, “See ya!”




Image result for gore vidal

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal

Could not write humor at all

Because writing joyless tomes

Was in his chromosomes.

7 thoughts on “You Cannot Spell “Poetry” Without “Try”

  1. When I saw the first headline, narcissus I thought immediately of my former girlfriend that I lived with for a short time, she was a real narcissist. She was the nicest person until I moved with her …

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  2. I have a bit of intel
    Some info, if you will.
    I hope that this precipitates
    Some happiness and thrill.
    I’ve named you for a Liebster
    A kind of blog award
    And when somebody gave me one
    I was quite chuffed and floored.
    A part of this whole process?
    You’ve got to write a post.
    And that, for some’s, the reason
    They reject the Liebster most.
    So if you will accept it,
    I hope you find it swell,
    But if you just ignore it
    I’m fine with that as well 🙂


    This is the little write-up I wrote about your blog 🙂

    “…The fourth is quite amusing
    His name is masercot
    And in his blog and comments
    He’s made me laugh a lot.”

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