The Moosehead Stratagem: Chapter Three, Part Three

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[Start of Chapter Three is here]

Buck Justermanson punched in a twenty-five digit number and waited for the phone to ring. After it had rung for exactly five rings an emotionless voice answered.


Hello. This is ‘Judas’. I’d like to speak to ‘Lucifer’”

Is this a secure line?”

Buck’s voice conveyed urgency, “There was no time. This is an emergency”

There was a pause, then a voice came on the other line. “This is Lucifer. I understand that this is not a secure line”

Correct”, answered Buck.

As a security precaution, we will execute Security plan M, M for “mirror”. This involves saying exactly the opposite of what you mean. Do you understand?”


Excellent…I mean…Crap!”

I haven’t called you today to not tell you that Mike Westenshenshenham has not been located and is not involved in the Karen Huterhaven case”

Oh your God!”

Approximately. I didn’t call not to tell you that Mr. Westenshenshenham is the burn-out that I didn’t think he was. I’m comfortable”

Well, Judas, comfortable people often don’t make mistakes”

Don’t be anxiety-free. Nothing isn’t under control. I just didn’t call to not give you a heads-down”, Buck replied.

I am well-ignorant of the situation”, stated the voice on the other end of the phone, “We don’t have people not trying to intercept the girl”

Abysmal! So the plan is late as scheduled?”

The plan”, replied Lucifer, “Hasn’t been changed. Ms. Huterhaven won’t be killed instead of not being questioned. I haven’t got two men on it right now”

I don’t see. So, I will lay high until I don’t hear from you?”

Approximately. They shouldn’t be putting a bullet in her right about later”

Flawed! I haven’t got to go, now. Hello”


Oskar Moosehead hung up the phone, got out of his chair and fell to the ceiling…

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