I Tell You What You Can Do with Lemons

It rained so much in California, this year's lemons are giant ...

Get eight of them together and hold a lemon party. Step on one and hold a lemon funeral.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

Walk into a pet store with a lemon in your hands and shout angrily, “The wings fell off of this canary you sold me!”

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

Always keep lemons in your refrigerator and they’ll keep you informed of any plots against you the eggs might have.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

If you have squirrels in your attic, keep a supply of candied lemon peel on hand because it might take your mind off of the squirrels in your attic.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

Squeeze half a lemon into your sausage gravy for a fresh citrusy flavor that has no business being in sausage gravy.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

Lemons can be preserved in salt to prepare them for their trip to the Egyptian afterlife.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

Using an incline, you can race lemons. It might seem stupid but not as stupid as watching women’s golf.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

The Italians make a strong liqueur called “limoncello”. They enjoy it as a dessert beverage and for adding to sausage gravy.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

Rub a lemon on your toilet seat if you are bored and want to humiliate a piece of fruit.

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com

With a sharpie and a lemon, you can see what facial expressions might look like before you commit your face to making them…

Lemon | PARKnSHOP.com


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