The Moon is Blue… and Also Red

I heard that the blue Moon was also going to be a blood Moon on Tuesday, so I was excited to see it. Not excited like a child on Christmas…or, like a dog any day of the year…but, excited. What I stepped out to see ended up being a full moon that looked like every other full moon I’d ever seen except brighter. Really bright. So, bright I was mesmerized by it, floating, like a cartoon character being hypnotized by the smell of cooling pies. And, it made me think: “How can I make money off of this?”…

I guess I’m a product of my time but I feel that, if I don’t tear my share of wealth out of the corpse that is the American economic system, all I’ll be left with are bleached bones. I don’t mean this literally… except for the bleach part. It just seems that everyone in the know is grabbing wealth with both hands and divesting from the USA… like rats on a ship that are calling their rat brokers, moving their liquid assets into foreign rat investments and, to a lesser extent, precious metals… eventually causing a crash to the US economy and I want to be a part of THAT.

Who owns the moon? Well, it’s a funny story: There was an international treaty drafted that stated NO ONE owns the moon (Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies). The only nations to sign that treaty will only get to the moon when they build a ladder tall enough. But, if the world HAD signed a treaty, we’d have nothing to worry about. Being an American Indian, I can tell you that treaties are sacred… never to be broken …the law of God … in other words, just a worthless piece of paper. If someone gets a colony to the moon and claims it for their own, other nations would have to go to the moon just to enforce the treaty. Who’s gonna do THAT? We are motivated to fight for stuff. We are NOT motivated to fight to keep something out of our own hands. “We won! I proudly claim the Moon in the name of absolutely nobody”…

If we, as a species, manage to struggle on, someone WILL stake a claim to the Moon. Like revealing the location of Zion to Agent Smith, it… is… inevitable. You can’t dangle the Moon in front of people, night after night, all lit up, and not expect someone to covet it. The Moon is the last frontier… until the next frontier, of course… And, someone is planning to go there, this year. The company is called Moon Express and will be sending an unmanned craft to land on the moon, toodle around for a bit, then claim the moon in the name of a Moon Express.

But why not, then? Word is that the moon is covered in Helium 3 which is only one better than regular Helium, I checked. Helium 3 is a theoretically remarkable substance which can theoretically be used as fuel for theoretical fusion reactors. They can mine the substance, bring it back and then put it into a big pile somewhere while science catches up. Or, they could sell it. Would people invest in something there MIGHT be a use for in the unforeseeable future? Do I REALLY have to remind you about bitcoins? Sometimes, collective delusion is a supreme economic force.

I am SO there. It’s a little risky; but, why NOT get in on the ground floor of something that has an infinitesimal chance of huge success? These things happen… from time to time… once in a while… once in a blue-blood moon…

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