Lessons Learned from the Movie Desperado

Never run drugs for men who have house payments.

The bartender sometimes never gets killed.

If you ask a bar full of armed men about a man who calls himself “Bucho”, prepare for an emotional response.

Sometimes a man is most dangerous when his ankle is shattered and he is lying in the dirt.

Pretty girls cause car accidents.

Bring your guitars” is a euphemism for “don’t bring your guitars”.

When Quentin Tarantino dies in a movie, you feel worse for the character that has to clean up the body.

You drive around town and if you see someone you don’t know, you kill him.

If you have a limousine full of gangsters with automatic weapons and your target is an angry Indian with throwing-knives, be prepared to accept a few causalities.

If Salma Hayek is in your bed, playing guitar and singing, it can be up to thirty minutes before you realize that she can neither play the guitar nor sing…


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