Lessons Learned from The Crow

“I’ll take three more questions… Sue?”

During their off hours, criminals engage in spirited bullet-eating contests.

Heroin addicts think birds are funny.

Each engagement ring is a life… a life THEY helped destroy. I’m not referring to the scene in the pawn shop. Just venting…

If they’d buried Eric Draven upside down, he’d be digging halfway to China about now.

Criminal masterminds spend too much time gloating on rooftops when they should be stabbing.

Halloween ain’t ’til manana.

Police officers wear their hats at all times.

Mother” is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. Teenagers just add a word to that…

Apparently, not everyone who has an ongoing sexual relationship with their own sister lives in the South.

Skank says he’s dead and he’s right.

Even after death, the craving for a cigarette stays with you.

Tough street-wise skate-boarding little girls get on your nerves after ninety or so minutes…

Brandon Lee was only capable of three facial expressions, which made him the most emotive action star of his day. RIP.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from The Crow

    1. To be honest, Brandon Lee was a pretty decent actor in that movie. That’s the sad part… he showed he could act and then he was taken away from us…

      The thing about Halloween being manana is completely false…

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