Little-known Follow-ups to Hit Singles

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Rod Stewart followed up his song, Do You Think I’m Sexy with the more thought-provoking, Does ANYONE Think I’m Sexy?. Fun fact: Lusting after Rod Stewart is now considered, almost universally, to be an accepted fetish…

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Men at Work followed up Who Can it Be Now? with It’s Just Mom! The single was so bad that fans even returned their pirated copies to the record stores.

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Anita Ward followed up Ring My Bell with Would You Stop Grabbing My Butt for a Second So I Can Think? The follow-up single was popular with moms of two or more children but did not resonate with the disco-lovers.

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Afroman followed up, Because I Got High with a second single called Because I Got High. When asked why they followed up the first single with the exact same song on a second single, they replied that the answer should be pretty obvious…

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Whitney Houston followed up I Will Always Love You with Maybe I Was Wrong. The follow-up sold poorly, but the title of the song did prove to be prophetic at least in the areas of her marriage and drug use…

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America followed up Horse with No Name with My Horse is Gone Because it Started Walking Away and I Didn’t Know What to Call it and it Didn’t Respond to “Hey Horse!”. It instantly became a runaway worldwide number one hit, as you probably remember…

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Metallica followed-up Master of Puppets with the classic rock song, We’ll Sue Anyone Who Illegally Downloads Master of Puppets. Ironically, Metallica was later found to have plagiarized the second song in its entirety…

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Bow Wow Wow’s hit I Want Candy was followed-up a year later with the disappointing I Need Insulin. I should say, at this point, there is nothing funny about diabetes… unless someone drops the hypodermic on his foot, needle-down, then hops around on one foot in his pajamas and bathrobe until he falls down stairs… THAT will ALWAYS be funny…

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Waterloo, by the Swedish Group ABBA, was followed-up by Able Was I Ere I Saw Elba, which was, at six minutes, the longest palindrome ever put to music. The first three minutes are haunting… almost lyrical. The last three minutes are a lot of nonsense syllables…

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The Trammps followed-up Disco Inferno with Disco Paradise and Disco Purgatory. Fans did not buy the subsequent singles and read the Cliff Notes instead…

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9 thoughts on “Little-known Follow-ups to Hit Singles

  1. Unlike some morning DJs, I take requests. I’ll try to come up with something, Kate… In my younger days, I gave my readers the challenge to come up with something I couldn’t write humor about. I’m way less cocky, now…

    Thanks for reading it!


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