Fun Facts About Dracula

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The character Dracula has been played by actors like Katherine Hepburn and Sir Lawrence Olivia. Not a lot like them, however.

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula was based on Vlad Tepes, a cruel Romanian prince. Stoker fictionalized the man by getting rid of his characteristic mustache, giving him the ability to turn into a wolf and letting him live for hundreds of years.

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The first part of the novel is written in journal form. Jonathon Harker writes his fiancee to tell her of the strange Count he is doing business with and how irregular his hours are and a sense of evil that he couldn’t put his finger on but it might have centered around when those fanged women ate that baby…

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When Bela Lugosi got the title role in the Dracula movie, he’d been playing him on the Broadway stage for three years. If you think about it, it’s weird that we, as a species, see nothing wrong with paying a grown man to pretend to be a blood-sucking zombie for our amusement. If you think about it some more, you’ll remember that the onager, the snow leopard and the osprey do that as well.

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The first printing of Dracula sold for six shillings a copy which was an outrage and there’ll be a letter in the Times about this tomorrow morning.

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The creepiest character in the original Dracula is Reinfeld, a mental patient who sucks the blood from small animals that he catches. His behavior is mostly due to Dracula’s telepathic influence; however, a little of it is just to draw attention to himself…

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Lucy’s somnambulism is a metaphor for a condition she had where she walked in her sleep.

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I don’t understand similes, either…

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Some literary analysts suspect that there are some homoerotic undertone’s to the novel, but you’d have to read it several dozen times before it would make you gay.

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At the end of Stoker’s novel, Dracula is killed by a bowie knife through the heart, which is also pretty effective on bears and my Aunt Mary-ann if she DOESN’T SHUT UP FOR FIVE SECONDS!

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17 thoughts on “Fun Facts About Dracula

  1. I did a whole semester on Dracula and what I liked best was the fact that the whole novel is composed from third party sources and therefore there is no first party testimony – very convenient that

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      1. The biggest take-away was that mirrors were often backed in silver, which also explains why they don’t show up on film (silver nitrate developer). It reminded me of Trekies arguing how many Star Trek episodes there were…


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