Three Poems for Sister Sarah

[I write humor during the week, but occasionally some poems leak out of my head and I force those poems on my readers when the weekend rolls around. You may not like this, but it is better than having to look at selfies of my genitals, isn’t it?]

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Spy Hard

The secret agent Double Aught

was being sought

far and wide

so, he needed a place to hide

but, his manly ego was hurt

when he had to hide beneath a woman’s skirt

an action he’d stress

he only did under d’ress…



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Fame Fame Fame Faaaaame


I want to be read across the nations

and quoted in dissertations

but being a household name

often brings ruination, scandal and shame

to him

that doesn’t use a pseudonym…



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Short History of Il Douche



Mussolini, in his prime

made the trains run on time

And, what’s more

sided with Hitler during the war

When the tide turned they impeached the dope

with a rope…



5 thoughts on “Three Poems for Sister Sarah

    1. That reminds me. I’ve got something called Trump’s Serenity Prayer that I’m going to publish either Sunday or next weekend. Too bad nothing rhymes with “Trump”…


  1. Very nice post!😊 You chose George Lazenby as an agent in front of everyone else who played James Bond, can I ask why? I think he was excellent as James Bond, but Sean Connery needed money and obviously played the lead role. My favorite as James Bond is Roger Moore, there is no competitor!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Timothy Dalton was the last James Bond!!! Now with Daniel Craig it’s just action, much violent and killing. No more finess and style as Roger Moore had! Maybe I’m to old for the new? But the style, funny and niceties as Roger Moore had, that’s awesome!😄


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