My Love for Vegetarians Knows No Bounds

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Vegetarianism can be traced back to Pythagoras, who only ate bread, veggies and a little honey. It didn’t catch on because people weren’t aware of the strong link between being a mathematician and being a nutritional scientist.

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Vegetarianism can also lead to weight-loss, which might be some comfort considering that you will no longer be enjoying food.

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An all vegetable diet often results in a B-12 deficiency because that particular vitamin can only be found naturally in the tears of veal calves.

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One of the biggest advantages to an all vegetable diet is you won’t have to listen to sanctimonious vegetarians tell you how to live and eat.

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Some doctors recommend switching to a vegetarian diet gradually. If planned properly, you’ll be a full-fledged vegetarian just about the time that you die.

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You might encounter a lack of protein, iron, vitamin D and zinc with an all-vegetable diet; but, you will definitely have all the smug self-satisfaction that you’ll ever need.

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Hitler was a vegetarian. I’m not saying that all vegetarians are genocidal, drug-addicted lunatics; but, that’s how the rest of us perceive them…

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Being a vegan takes a lot of self-control and will power… not nearly as much self-control as those of us who have to listen to them have developed.

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If vegetarians really wanted to end meat-eating, they’d start eating carnivores until there were none left to eat meat.

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It takes eighteen times more water to raise beef than it does to raise the same mass of corn. But corn selfishly drinks the water and you never see it again; with cows, you get most of the water back in the form of urine and that foamy slobber that forms in the corner of their mouths…

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17 thoughts on “My Love for Vegetarians Knows No Bounds

      1. Hahaha – same thing here. I wasn’t eating a lot of meat and made a conscious decision to just drop it. Then I became allergic to dairy, so I went for the gusto – became vegan. And then…..I was cooking…..meat was involved…..yada yada yada – I never looked back. BUT it did take me a good month to come clean to my family (I was a closet meat eater that entire time!) I blew my youngest sons mind. He had the hardest time wrapping his mind around the idea. He still says things like “Mommy doesn’t eat vegetables anymore. She only eats meat.”

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      2. I don’t know if we develop food allergies later in life or we just notice them, but I’ve had a few foods that I really like and can no longer eat. Oddly enough… all vegetables…


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