A Swarm of Locust FAQs

A plague of locusts has descended on East Africa. Climate change ...

How large are locust swarms? The locust swarms can be up to eighty million locusts in number. To get an idea how large a swarm that is, imagine a single locust; then, imagine eighty million times that.

How fast can locust swarms move? With a good wind, about twelve mph. If the wind is stronger than that, locusts tend to take a break and fly kites.

What benefit does eating locusts provide? Revenge!

How much can a locust eat a day? A locust can eat its own body weight daily. And, since eating that much makes the locust heavier, it eats more the next day and more the day after that until it explodes with a loud popping noise.

What weather conditions produce large swarms? A wet winter will produce the most locusts because jet-skiing makes them crazy-horny…

What is the best way to kill eighty million locusts? Forty million blue jays

How much of the average locust’s body is fat? About seventeen percent… which explains why some of them have double chins.

So locusts have chins? Of course. How else could they play the violin?

Can’t we just destroy locust swarms with thermonuclear devices? Not practical, but thanks for reading my blog, Mr. President.

Can we see locusts from outer space? I suppose so, since they can see outer space from where they are…

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