What’s Wrong with Blondes? This:

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From what I’ve read, if you pay a blonde to paint your porch, she will paint your sports car, instead…

Blondes remind me of Edgar Winter Group which reminds me of the albino I kept in my basement as a child. He taught me philosophy, French and logic as the two of us worked on an elaborate tunnel; unfortunately, he died before he could finish the tunnel and my parents threw his body into the ocean and bought me a hamster.

Anyone can become a blonde… except the chronically bald. Is that fair? Possibly!

Blondes have more fun. That fun has to come from somewhere. I’m having less fun. I blame blondes…

Blondes have come out against “blonde jokes”; however, as a group, they’ve never come out against sex slavery and global warming.

Ingrid Bergman was a blonde and, while I have nothing against her, I don’t particularly care for her either.

Blondes claim that they aren’t less intelligent than the rest of the world but, when I ask them to do something to prove this, say… inventing cold fusion or explaining why the expansion of the universe is accelerating, all I get is blank stares and the inevitable requests that I get off the hoods of their cars…

A dark haired woman has hair the color of a raven’s plumage, ebony, the night sky and coal; blondes have hair the color of bananas.

The Nazi ideal was blonde and Germanic. Do you want to be appealing to an ideal Nazi?

Blondes have stupid names like “Misty” and “Wyoming”. Dark-haired girls have cool names like “Edna”…

Blondes tend to stereotype others…

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