Proof that God does NOT Smoke Pot

Robin Williams once offered the platypus as proof that God smokes dope. I’m here to say that God doesn’t and I offer the following proof.


No female of any species gives birth to pregnant young.


The sky is all one color.


Cheech and Chong are still not our benevolent overlords.


Elevators only go up and down; they don’t compress their occupants into a singularity and go into another dimension.


Pot is illegal in forty states.


Bob Marley died of TOE CANCER. Tucker Carlson still lives…


Dogs and cats don’t talk at random.


Trees don’t scream when you chop them down.


Archie comics.


Richard Nixon was elected president.


The world is run by assholes



There are no team sports that rely on the use of disguises.

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