The Edge of Grape

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Look at a grape and you don’t see much… unless it is a robotic grape, capable of many things that a domestic grape cannot even begin to accomplish or comprehend; but, that’s goes without saying, eh? A regular non-cybernetic grape is delicious, can turn into wine and contains vitamin K. How important is vitamin K? Well, you can give it to a dog that has eaten rat poison and it just may save that dog’s life… at least until it finds a Image result for dogchocolate bar, macadamia nuts or a pool of anti-freeze. One wonders if dogs were meant to live at all. Besides rescuing dogs from the brink of death and a tearful burial in a dumpster just after the kids go to sleep, vitamin K is also injected into infants, as an anti-coagulant, to keep all of their blood from just running out of their little bodies. One wonders if babies were meant to live at all. Fortunately, anti-vaxers are not fooled. They understand that most babies don’t NEED vitamin K injections and that polio and measles had packed their bags and were in the process of leaving the planet, coincidentally, just as vaccinations were being invented. Related imageAnti-vaxers are a shrewd people and shrewd people tend to live on the fringes of society… the edge of civilization… the brink of where all the people is. They are a walking protest of things technological and you can tell who their children are because they probably have measles or polio. Sometimes, these shrewd families end up in cults… like Jonestown. Their only vaccinations are the word of Jesus and their enemas are probably hymns or maybe holy water… we should go with holy water. Problem is, cults don’t really care much about the health of their members as evidenced by the Jonestown massacre, where they gave poisoned Kool-aid to their members to protest the fact that they’d been alive for too long. The flavor of that Kool-aid? Grape, of course…

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10 thoughts on “The Edge of Grape

    1. Thanks. I used a random word generator and got “grape” and “edge”. The exercise is to connect the two words, but end with the beginning word, somehow.


    1. Made it up, Deb. Little humor exercises so that one day I can write the greatest body of humor IN ALL HISTORY! I’m training… like Rocky. Except when I punch sides of beef, people get a lot more alarmed…

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