Things I Love about The Godfather


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It explains why Frank Sinatra was allowed to make feature movies way better than my theory about the Lizard People…

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It keeps Diane Keaton to a minimum, which is something Woody Allen could never accomplish.

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For those of us who wondered, it showed that Marlon Brando could be killed with ordinary household bug spray.

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When Abe Vigoda’s character, Tessio, is lead away, it is fun to imagine that he somehow managed to escape his executioners and find a job as a detective for the New York Police Department. One wonders who he had to betray to get THAT job.

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The christening sequence demonstrates how much someone can accomplish if they are willing to delegate.

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Who DOESN’T want to see James Caan riddled with hundreds of bullets?

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Some people might be horrified at seeing a horse’s head in the bed of a movie producer. But, in my case…

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We get to see Al Pacino in a complex and subtle role, just a few years before he turned into a booming, bellowing dementia patient.

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If you had told me that much of Mafia life was spent eating spaghetti and retrieving cannolis from blood-spattered cars, I’d have called you a “bigot”; but, live and learn, eh?

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Michael’s Sicilian wife Apollonia epitomizes the ideal Italian wife: She provides Michael with sex and companionship and, when he no longer needs her in his life, good-naturedly blows herself up…

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